Mia Zinni is an award winning Architect licensed in New York, and is currently working with the San Francisco based practice IwamotoScott Architects and teaching at UC Berkeley.  She was awarded the McKim Prize for excellence in design from Columbia University where she received her Masters in Architecture in 2013.  In 2012 she was named AIANYS Student of the Year. 

Throughout Mia’s education, research and work she has focused on an impact oriented design approach that utilizes design to empower women.  Mia’s core belief is that designing safe environments can provide beyond the registers of inequality, violence, and victimhood. This approach to design focuses on facilitating women’s contemporary goals and aspirations which in tern can impact broader environmental, social, political, and economic change.  Mia worked with SHRI (Sanitation Health Right in India, Previously Humanure Power) on the design and organization of a Women’s Community Facility in-conjunction with public toilet block facilities for the women of Nimua, Bhiar India.

Currently Mia is working as a Project Architect at IwamotoScott and a Lecturer at UC Berkeley.  Prior to moving to SF Mia was an Associate at SHoP Architects.  She has held a leadership position on critical projects such as the Uber Headquarters and multiple confidential embassy projects with the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations Design Excellence Contract.  Currently she is acting as a Project Architect on multiple commercial and residential projects in the Bay Area. She teaches an undergraduate design studio in Architecture at UC Berkeley CED.

Prior to living and working in New York city, Mia attended UC Berkeley where she received her Bachelors of Art in Architecture with high honors.